Face Id May Finally Be Available On MacBooks To Improve Security

There Is A Possibility That Apple Will Make The Face Id Feature Available On MacBooks In The Near Future:

Face Id May Finally Be Available On MacBooks To Improve Security

It’s possible that the security of your Mac will be significantly improved once Apple’s Face ID authentication system is made available on MacBooks. The benefits of Face ID and its potential integration into Apple’s laptops are outlined in a recently issued patent (number 11727718).

Apple’s patent describes how computers can be used for a wide variety of tasks, many of which involve transferring or storing private information that should not fall into the wrong hands. To stop this from happening, laptops could be equipped with a stronger authentication system (like Face ID).

Apple argues that because MacBooks are often very thin, the Face ID solution must “be compact without sacrificing accuracy or user recognition.” According to Apple, a “light pattern recognition module” is the way to go. Light is projected onto an object, like your face, and detected by a sensor in this module.

In addition to user recognition and authentication, Apple claims that their system can be used for “capturing face gestures and emotions.” Similar ideas have been floated before; for example, a prior patent proposed the possibility of using gestures to manage FaceTime; this capability eventually made its way into macOS Sonoma. The addition of Face ID to a gesture-based system, on the other hand, could suggest that the idea has wider applications than previously thought.

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Although one of the images depicts a desktop computer or monitor, Apple’s most recent patent is unusual in that it describes how a system like Face ID could be implemented on a “portable computing device” like a MacBook. This latest patent adds to the growing body of evidence that Apple is seriously considering bringing Face ID to the Mac.

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