An Astronaut Experience As A Migrant Worker Helped Him Launch Into Space

An Astronaut Experience As A Migrant Worker Helped Him Launch Into Space

José Hernández reached another milestone this month, more than ten years after he made history as the first former migrant worker to fly in space as a NASA astronaut. Since its September 15 release, the movie chronicling his incredible journey from the fields of California to the International Space Station has established itself as the most watched movie on Amazon Prime.

In the movie “A Million Miles Away,” played by actor Michael Pea, Hernández is a boy who grew up picking cherries and cucumbers but kept his gaze fixed on the stars.

Engineer Hernández made history in 2009 on board the Space Shuttle Discovery, which carried two Latino astronauts for the first time.

“Who better than a migrant farmworker to leave this planet and plunge into the unknown?” During a press conference as he prepares to fly on that mission, Hernández says in the movie, quoting his cousin.

As soon as Hernández was chosen by NASA for its astronaut class in 2004, his story began to make headlines. Additionally, from the time of his first space flight to the eagerly awaited release of the movie, he and members of his family have frequently spoken with CNN and CNN affiliates. Here is a summary of what we discovered.

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After returning from space, Hernández gave a controversial interview to Televisa in which he expressed his hope that the Obama administration would enact comprehensive immigration reform. He pointed out that there were no boundaries when looking down at Earth from space.

His remarks prompted NASA to adopt its own position. NASA stated that Hernández’s views were his own and did not speak for the space agency in a statement provided to the media. Hernández had every right to express his personal opinions, the statement added.

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