Apple A17 Bionic Chip is The World’s First 3nm Chip

The Apple A17 Bionic Is Predicted To Have GPU Metal Scores That Are 17% Higher Than Those Of The M1:

Apple A17 Bionic Chip is The World's First 3nm Chip

The Apple A17 Bionic Chip, which is rumored to be the company’s and the world’s first 3nm chipset, will undoubtedly be one of Apple’s main talking points in the keynote when the iPhone 15 is officially announced. The expected performance and power-efficiency improvements ought to be impressive, and the YouTuber’s anticipated outcomes, claiming that the chipset’s Metal GPU scores are higher than the M1’s, are in line with those expectations.

Additionally, new calculations show that the Apple A17 Bionic Chip is only marginally slower than the M2:

According to a previous tip, Apple is increasing the total number of GPU cores while maintaining the A17 Bionic’s 6-core CPU count. Given that the A16 Bionic has a 5-core component, its successor should offer 6 GPU scores, which is probably how YouTuber Vadim Yuryev arrived at the most recent forecasted results. He came to the conclusion that the upcoming chipset would achieve a score of 29,425 in Geekbench 6’s Metal benchmark most likely by comparing the differences between data from previous chipset launches.

Despite the fact that the M1 was introduced almost three years ago, both custom silicon are in a different league because the M1 was created specifically to power larger machines for more demanding workflows. Of course, the Apple A17 Bionic Chip ends up being 6% slower than the M2, demonstrating the limitations of a smartphone chipset in the comparison chart. Remember that the MacBook Air, which has just one heatsink and no fan to cool the internals, contains this.

No other smartphone chip has accomplished what Apple does with its A-series family of chips, despite the fact that these results are only estimates and subject to change once the official benchmark scores for the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max are available. The fact that these Apple A17 Bionic Chip scores are actually 17 percent higher than the M1, which received 24,907 points, caught us off guard.

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