Apple iPhone 15 Has a New 3LD3 Chip With USB-C Port

The USB-C port on the Apple iPhone 15 has a new 3LD3 chip, which slows down charging and data transfer:

Apple iPhone 15 Has a New 3LD3 Chip With USB-C Port

It is common knowledge that Apple will transition its upcoming iPhone 15 lineup to the USB Type-C standard, which it has already begun doing. The fact that the company appears to be taking measures to ensure that only a data cable that has been properly certified will be supported correctly is not the only disappointing development.

The Apple iPhone 15 USB-C will have limited functionality:

For the benefit of those who may not be aware, the Cupertino-based company will soon replace its existing Lightning port with a USB-C port in order to conform to the updated standards mandated by the European Union. Now, the well-known tipster Majin Bu has shared a number of images on his Twitter account that show specific charging components of the upcoming iPhone 15. If you look closely at the images, you’ll notice a new chipset that’s been given the name 3LD3 chip.

Because of the component, upcoming models of the iPhone 15 should be able to recognize and tell the difference between cables that have been certified by Apple and adapters manufactured by third-party companies. In addition to the procedure for verifying the chip’s authenticity, the manufacturer may also have plans to limit certain aspects of the functionality of the chip. Another well-known tipster by the name of Shrimp Apple Pro stated that the data transfer and charging speeds of devices charged with third-party cables will be restricted.

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To put it another way, cables that have not been officially certified will not be able to fully benefit from the new port changes. It is anticipated that Apple will release the new iPhone 15 series the following month. This new iPhone will have thinner bezels, a titanium frame, and a higher price tag than previous iPhone models. Stay tuned for further information because we will keep you updated as new information regarding this matter becomes available to us.

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