Apple iPhone 15 Pro Leak Suggests Additional GPU Core But 6GB RAM

The Rumored Apple iPhone 15 Pro Has an Extra GPU Core and Still Uses 6GB of RAM, According to The Leak:

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Leak Suggests Additional GPU Core But 6GB RAM

The information was tweeted by Unknownz21, the source of the tip, who also identified themselves. On the A17 Bionic chipset that can be found in the Apple iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max, there will reportedly be a total of six CPU cores and six GPU cores. The previous generation’s A16 Bionic had six CPU cores, but it only had five GPU cores available to it. Because of this, the processor of the next generation will have an additional core for its graphics processing unit (GPU), which should help to improve performance across a variety of use cases, including gaming.

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Rumor Spec:

The Apple iPhone 15 series will likely be unveiled in the near future. On the other hand, as the launch event gets closer, more recent rumors and reports have started to appear online. The most recent leak suggests that both the memory and chipset capacities of the iPhone 15 Pro models will be upgraded.

Not only that, but the clock speed of the A17 Bionic will also be increased from 3.46GHz to 3.7GHz in the near future. The new chipset for the A-series will be manufactured using a more advanced manufacturing process called 3nm. Which boosts both performance and energy efficiency. According to the information provided by the tipster. The upcoming iPhone 15 Pro series from Apple will only have 6 gigabytes of random access memory (RAM). It was previously stated that the memory would increase to 8 GB RAM, but Unknownz21 claims this is not the case.

According to reports, Samsung and Micron will be the ones to supply the memory, which is an LPDDR5 RAM module. According to the rumor, an upgrade to 8GB RAM for the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max is unlikely but not completely out of the question. Keep in mind that this is still just a rumor. So for the time being, you should treat this information with some degree of skepticism.

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