Baseus AeQur Series G10 TWS Coming Dual Mode Technology

Dual-mode technology for the Baseus AeQur G10 TWS is on the Horizon:

Baseus AeQur Series G10 TWS Coming Dual Mode Technology

The Baseus AeQur Series G10 TWS from Baseus, a well-known Chinese electronics brand, has started open sales of its first pair of earbuds with dual-mode connection technology. These earbuds are Baseus’s first set of headphones to feature this technology. July saw the launch of the product for the first time by the company that makes the earbuds. They are currently being presented in a legitimate manner for sale in China. Let’s take a look at the price and the features of the Baseus AeQur series G10 now.

Specifications for the AeQur series G10:

The Baseus AeQur Series G10 TWS earphones are a multifunctional pair of wireless earbuds that come with a number of different connectivity options. You can connect them to your devices using Bluetooth or a Bluetooth adapter, and they allow you to freely switch between two devices that are connected at the same time.

The earphones have a response time of only 25 milliseconds and support the most recent Bluetooth 5.3 and LE Audio transmission protocols. Additionally, the earphones deliver audio with low latency.

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Earbuds with 360-degree spatial sound effects and Baseus BPT fixed-point positioning acoustic technology. Which together produce an immersive audio experience, are featured in this product. In addition to the sound features that they offer. The G10 earphones are available in two trendy color options: ice blue and orange. Because of their cozy, close fit and long battery life, you can wear them comfortably and continuously throughout the day.

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