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Bitcoin Price Barely Budged Drop Over The Weekend

Bitcoin Price Barely Budged Drop Over The Weekend, But Ether And Almost All Other Altcoins Fell:

Bitcoin Price Barely Budged Drop Over The Weekend

Bitcoin Price on the cryptocurrency market as of Monday, August 14 was $29,205, or about 24.3 million Indian rupees. There was only a 0.76 percent drop. The price of the cryptocurrency that currently holds the title of most valuable in the world was unable to move in either direction over the weekend due to what appears to be a decrease in trading activity. For the fourth week in a row, the price of one bitcoin (BTC) has been less than $30,000 (about 24.6 lakh Indian Rupees). Most cryptocurrency exchanges are trading at low levels compared to their respective price charts, reflecting Bitcoin’s (BTC) performance.

The volume of futures trading in Bitcoin Price has dropped to an all-time low since December 2022. Researchers at CoinDCX say this suggests investors may be holding off on making any moves at the present prices. Gadgets 360 has obtained this data.

The cost of ether dropped by 0.45% on Monday. As of this writing, the price of one ether was $1,840, or roughly Rs. 1.52 lakh.

There has been no significant break from the trading ranges for either Bitcoin Price or Ethereum. Over the course of the weekend and the past day, the cryptocurrency market has been moving sideways while experiencing downward pressure. CoinSwitch Ventures’ lead investor, Parth Chaturvedi, sees a trend toward price stability in the market at the moment.

Most altcoins followed Bitcoin and Ether’s lead and fell on Monday.

Meme coins like Shiba Inu and Dogecoin and stablecoins like Tether, Ripple, USD Coin, and Binance USD are included.

In addition to Cardano and Solana, the prices of Tron, Polygon, Polkadot, Litecoin, and Avalanche all fell as well.

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The total value of the cryptocurrency market dropped by 0.10 percent from the previous day to $1.17 trillion (or about Rs. 97,09,209 crore), according to data provided by CoinMarketCap.

The cryptocurrency fear and greed index did not change over the weekend, staying at 54 out of a possible 100 points. The index fell by four points to begin the new week, bringing it to a score of 50 out of 100, still well within the neutral zone.

Binance Coin, Wrapped Bitcoin, Monero, Near Protocol, and Zcash all made an appearance among the group of cryptocurrencies that can make money from mining.

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