Moto Tab G84 Launched Their Latest Tablet

Moto Tab G84 Launched Their Latest Tablet

One of the new smartphones that Motorola has introduced to the market in recent months is the Moto Edge 40 Neo, which has a mid-range price point. On the other hand, the company, which is now owned by Lenovo, has not distributed nearly as many tablets. The company’s most recent tablet release was the Moto Tab G62 LTE, but it’s possible that the Moto Tab G84 will be their next tablet. A recent report not only provided renders of the tablet but also provided some additional information.

Leaked images of the Moto Tab G84, which might be Motorola’s newest tablet, show its design

A report by Appauls claims that Motorola is getting ready to launch the Moto Tab G84 in India sometime in the near future. It is recommended that this tablet be used in place of the Tab G70, which was initially released in 2022. The renderings of the upcoming slate reveal that it will have the same thick bezels as previous Motorola tablets. A single camera setup with 8 megapixels can be found on the dual-toned back of the device. The report states that the tablet’s body is made of metal, despite the fact that the pictures are not particularly clear.

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The Moto Tab G84 has the appearance of a large-screen tablet due to its front-facing selfie camera. That is oriented in a landscape orientation. On the back of the tablet, there is a small cutout that appears to be a magnetic connector. This cutout is most likely for a stylus pen. The Motorola logo is centered on the back of the tablet, which bears the company’s name. The tablet features JBL speakers that are capable of playing content in Dolby Atmos.

The bottom edge of the tablet features a Pogo PIN connection that has three contact points. This connection has the potential to serve as a docking interface for a keyboard accessory. On the right side of the tablet is where you’ll find both of the device’s speakers as well as the USB-C port.

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