Sony Bravia XR MASTER OLED TV Release in India

Sony A95L OLED XR MASTER Series TV is now available in India:

Sony Bravia XR MASTER OLED TV Release in India

OLED televisions from Sony’s brand-new Sony Bravia XR MASTER Series A95L have now been made available for purchase in India. The series comes with a variety of remarkable specifications, as well as two display sizes to choose from. The following is an exhaustive rundown of the forthcoming premium television roster.

New OLED televisions from Sony, the Sony Bravia XR MASTER Series A95L, are available with a choice of two different sized displays. This accounts for a range of 164 centimeters (65 inches) to 139 centimeters (55 inches). The new A95L televisions, as their name might suggest, come equipped with OLED panels and are powered by the Cognitive Processor XR. These televisions are among the flagship models of the series, which are supposed to deliver the best and most engrossing experience possible when watching television.

The microprocessor known as the Cognitive Processor XR makes it possible to achieve realistic visual quality, lifelike contrast, and various other image upgrades such as vivid colors. The 4K upscaling technology found in the Sony Bravia XR MASTER Series A95L OLED TVs is particularly noteworthy. With this technology, you are able to view entertainment in a resolution that is nearly equivalent to that of 4K quality, regardless of the source or the content. The Cognitive Processor XR makes a contribution to the decrease of blur, in addition to zone division and dynamic frame, which are both already present. The new A95L TVs are going to be quite popular with gamers as well.

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In addition to its 4K resolution and 120 frames per second, it also has a variable refresh rate (VRR), auto low latency mode (ALLM), and auto HDR tone game mode (Auto HDR Tone Game Mode). Customers are able to have an amazing gaming experience as a result of all of this. In addition, the Auto HDR Tone Auto Game Mode and the Auto Genre Picture Mode have been modified specifically for the Sony PlayStation 5.

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