Xiaomi MS11 EV Has been Certified By Bluetooth SIG

Xiaomi Automotive will make its official debut in 2024 with Xiaomi MS11 EV:

Xiaomi MS11 EV Has been Certified By Bluetooth SIG

As more and more companies get on board with the EV movement and launch their own lines of electric vehicles (EVs), the market for EVs is already growing. In addition, Xiaomi is getting ready to join the market for electronic vehicles with the launch of the Xiaomi MS11 EV. It is projected that the Xiaomi Automotive branch, which was established in September 2021, will make its official debut in 2024, albeit with a minor delay from the original schedule.

The Xiaomi MS11 electric vehicle is expected to go on sale sometime in the first few months of 2019, should the company is successful in obtaining the requisite licenses from the appropriate authorities. Although it was camouflaged, an image was taken in Xinjiang of an electric vehicle with a sedan body shape while it was being tested on roads there. The Xiaomi MS11 vehicle has recently been discovered on the Bluetooth SIG with a variety of different models, some of which are the IC4034-BD, IC4004-BD, IC4024-BD, IC4054-BD, IC4005-BD, and IC15-BD. Other models are IC4054-BD and IC4024-BD. This comes on top of disclosures that occurred earlier.

This item attests that CarPlay, Bluetooth 5.2, USB Media, and Radio are all available. It seems that the entertainment system in the car is well-equipped with a number of different possibilities for connectivity.

The fact that the listing makes use of the pertinent reference designs further attests to the presence of Qualcomm chipsets in the device in question. It lends credence to the speculation that the Qualcomm 8295 processor and the LiDAR sensor would be included.

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Specifications for the Xiaomi MS11 EV:

The electric automobile that will be produced by Xiaomi is rumored to be available in three distinct iterations and may be given the name “Modena.” The third and final model utilizes the ternary (NMC) battery, whereas the first two models make use of the BYD Blade Battery (LFP).

Recent images acquired while testing revealed the existence of yellow brake calipers as well as a central console with sharp edges contained within it.

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