Sukhee Trailer, The Teaser For The Upcoming Film Sukhee

Shilpa Shetty portrays a housewife on vacation who curses to her heart’s content in the trailer for Sukhee:

Sukhee Trailer, The Teaser For The Upcoming Film Sukhee

In the film Sukhee, which also stars Kusha Kapila, Shilpa Shetty portrays the role of an irritated housewife. She displays a defiant attitude while attending her high school reunion.

Shilpa Shetty made her unforgettable debut in the romantic thriller Baazigar, which was released in 1993 and directed by Abbas-Mustan. Since then, three decades have passed. In the upcoming movie starring the actor, she will play the lead role for the first time in a very long time. The teaser for the upcoming film Sukhee, in which Shilpa plays the role of a disobedient housewife, was released on Wednesday.

The preview for the slice-of-life film Sukhee begins with Shilpa describing her life, which includes the fact that she has a husband who works full-time, a son who is in elementary school, and a sick father figure, and that she spends her days doing nothing but housework.

She continues with her day-to-day activities as if she were operating on autopilot up until the point where she finds an online invitation to her high school reunion. Even though her husband doesn’t “permit” her to go to Delhi for the “aiyashi,” Sukhee decides to take the train to the capital city anyway, leaving her husband to fend for himself in the kitchen.

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Sukhee does have feelings of mother’s guilt, but her friends at school strongly discourage her from acting on those feelings. When she overhears some men complaining that every movie about women’s empowerment has the same plot, she ditches her kurtis in favor of red dresses, starts binge drinking with her girlfriends, and curses to her heart’s content. All of these things she does when she hears the men’s complaints.

Sukhee also has a team that is led by women, as Radhika Anand is the story writer, Paullomi Dutta is the screenplay writer, and Sonal Joshi is the director. T-Series, owned by Bhushan Kumar, and Abundantia Entertainment, owned by Vikram Malhotra, collaborated on its production. It is scheduled to debut in theaters on September 22.

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